Rental terms and conditions

Panatella Car Rental Corfu aims at customer satisfaction. Therefore make our business as transparant as possible. We offer many cars at any desired location on Corfu Island. An overview of our rental terms can be found below:

Always included in car hire costs:

  • 24% taxes (VAT)
  • P.A.I. – (Personal Accident Insurance). Covers both the passengers and the driver.
  • T.P. – (Third Party Liability Coverage). All vehicles are insured against liability to third parties for death or injury or property damage.
  • F.T.W. – (Fire & Theft Protection). In case accidental fire or theft of a vehicle.
  • C.D.W. – (Collision Damage Waiver). NOT valid when driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding or in a traffic violation.
  • L.P.I. – Legal Protection Insurance.

Extra optional car rental insurance:

  • T.V.P. / S.C.D.W. – (Total Vehicle Protection / Super Collision Damage Waiver). C.D.W. insurance does not cover the tires, glass parts (including windscreen). Also loss or damage to the car key, the locks, car documents and number plates. So, we offer this optional insurance to cover all the above by paying € 4,- per day.
  • L.I.S. – (Limited Insurance Supplement). The renter is responsible for parking the vehicle in a safe parking area at all times. Coverage to the vehicle in parking areas in case of scratches or bumps. The renter should contact us immediately in order to make a report.
  • All-risk. Includes all the above types of insurance and taxes. Available for € 7,- per day.

Minimum rental period:
The minimum rental period is three days (72 hours). The rental starts from the pickup time. In case of a delay in the collection without informing the company hourly charges may apply.

Payment Procedure:
We accept different payment methods (CreditCard, DebitCard, Cash). If the payment is fully completed upon 7 days before the start of the renting period, we provide 5% discount.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation is free until 7 days before the start of the renting period. If the cancellation is less then 7 days from the start of the renting period, we charge 25% of the total renting costs with a minimum of € 50,-.

Available Pick-up/Drop-Off Areas:
Our main pick-up/drop-off areas are at the Corfu Airport and at the Panatella Office in Gouvia. There are no extra costs if you pick-up/drop-off the car here. If you wish to have your car delivered/pick-up at any other address in Corfu, we may charge extra costs. Contact us for more details.

Driver’s information:
The minimum rental age is 21 years or 25 years, depending on the car type. The maximum rental age is 75 years.

License Requirements:
For your car rental procedure, we need a valid Driving License issued at least one year before the date of the rental.

Complementary charges:

  • Extra drivers
    A first and second driver are free of charge. Every extra driver costs € 2,- per day. We allow a maximum of 4 drivers per car.
  • Baby seat
    A baby seat costs € 4,- per day
  • Child booster
    A child booster costs € 2,- per day
  • GPS Navigation
    A GPS navigation system is available for € 5,- per day
  • Fuel Policy
    Your renting car is delivered to you with some petrol, you have to return back the car with the same level of petrol (or more) otherwise any difference will be charged.
  • Fines & Penalties
    Please bear in mind that you shall be liable for the redemption of whatever penalties (illegal parking, speed-limit violations ea.) the traffic police of the Island of Corfu may impute with respect to the rented car you are driving, throughout the car rental term of your contract.
  • Additinal fees may be charged for pickup / return during business hours.

Panatella Car Rental Corfu is not responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, driving off-road, or driving without care and attention.
For any damage or accident to the vehicle, without the presence of the Police Report, none of these are covering from the Insurance.

Prices shown are list prices and are subject to trade discount and to change without notice. Prices may also be changed without notice due to unforeseen cost increases of imported products, raw materials, or currency fluctuations. We carefully check pricing and product specifications, but occasionally errors can occur, therefore we reserve the right to change both without notice. We are not responsible for customer pricing errors. Some variations between picture and product may occur. Some products listed may be non-stock items.